Healthy meets delicious

Hi, we’re Thomas and Alex, a dynamic husband-and-wife team and co-founders of Hidrate. Have you ever found yourself gulping down a post-workout sports drink and then feeling a huge crash instead of being full of energy? Us too! 

One day Thomas came home tired and crampy after a hard workout- he was looking for something to help but couldn’t find a good drink that was filled with electrolytes and not sugar. So he asked me what I’d recommend and I whipped up a homemade electrolyte drink from a recipe I gave my patients. Soon he felt energized and headache free and he knew we were on to something.

Dehydration is a major problem and it affects people in so many ways. From muscle cramps, energy crashes, poor focus and dry skin staying hydrated is so important. We’re here to help whether you don’t like the taste of water or sometimes you find yourself sweating faster than you can drink- Hidrate has got you covered. I’ve used my medical background as a Naturopathic Doctor to develop the best hydration drink with the right combination of electrolytes, trace minerals, nutrients and no artificial ingredients. After years of formulation and testing we have the best electrolyte drink on the market. We use only what your body needs to help you feel better faster- that’s what Hidrate is all about. Enjoy!

Our values

  • Health first

    Our decision and products must support the health and wellness of ourselves, our employees and our customers.

  • Essential efficacy

    Our products are formulated using the best understanding of science and physiology to achieve performance and health.

  • Transparency is key

    Open communication and honest decision making is evident in our business practices and product transparency

  • Nature matters

    We produce food based products enhanced by science. Our formulas are clean and clear of artificial ingredients producing environmentally sustainable products.

  • Access to performance

    Performance is not limited to professionals. Through our products all people can access electrolytes that promote health optimization.

  • Sustainability

    We believe in sustainability and use renewable ocean minerals. This eco-consciousness extends to our unique flexible bottle that is fully recyclable and produces 86% less plastic waste.


Find the most frequently asked questions below

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium that help your body function. They are essential for your cells and organs to work properly and do things like produce energy and cause muscle contraction.

Hidrate is a natural electrolyte drink that specifically doesn’t contain caffeine or other stimulants. Many people do feel more energy and less fatigue after drinking it but this is due to the rehydration effects and not because of specific stimulant action.

Hidrate is designed to help with dehydration both from athletic activities and regular life. We have athletes that swear by our products as well as regular people who just feel easily dehydrated, thirsty or are having difficulty absorbing water alone.

Yes! Our packaging uses 86% less plastic than what’s needed to make a conventional plastic bottle and is 100% recyclable. It's also super lightweight and compact allowing for easy transportation to and from your next adventure.

Our formula works best for rehydration during and after exercise. It’s also awesome for avoiding fatigue from other dehydrating activities like sun exposure and alcohol consumption. If you struggle to absorb water alone Hidrate may also help as it provides trace minerals that you may need.

When you’re active and dehydrated your body needs some sugars to rehydrate quickly. We used the least amount of organic cane sugar needed to maximize absorption and improve the overall hydrating effect. This also gives your body some carbohydrate fuel that it needs after exercise or hard work.

Hidrate is a food product and very safe. Due to the electrolyte concentration you might experience some digestive distress if you consumed more than six drinks in one day. However, if you are exercising vigorously or very dehydrated consuming 6+ drinks may be appropriate.

Absolutely! Many parents are so excited to discover Hidrate as a healthier option compared to other sports drinks that have more sugar, fewer electrolytes and artificial ingredients like preservatives and dyes.